Forex Control Center 2.0: Keep All The Important Info In The Same Place

Forex Control Center 2.0: Keep All The Important Info In The Same Place
Forex Control Center 2.0
The Forex Control Center attention was designed to be a complicated finace and affair software Import your statement from your adviser or from a .Csv gather in a line and Forex Control Center will parse and question all the trades to trade show you in charts and reports the "hidden" in rank with the intention of is in your trades.

Forex Control Center 2.0
Add diary entries to confirmation the valuable in rank of the trades, print or export it to all the ordinary formats, hurl the in rank by email, share your reports with your collegues and discover what's vacant ill-treat (or not!) with your trading

Here are approximately answer facial appearance of "Forex Control Center":

· The tab is the fundamental cut in the FXCC engine. You will be able to create, import, filter and deal with all the in rank from your accounts.
· Create boundless accounts pro your brokers or your trading systems
· Import the in rank involuntarily from your adviser or from your own format
· Add point appointment ranges to question particular calculate periods of your tab
· Get all the in rank in this area your tab in a centralized way
· Have a control of the records imported in your tab

Performance Analysis
· Once you be inflicted with the in rank in your tab, you need to know in a quick glance could you repeat that? Are the results of your trading. Access all the in rank from the
· Performance analysis, from a comprehensive to a detailed check over.
· Find all the in rank in this area your trades grouped in the same place
· The generally ordinary statistics and facts are built-in pro your reference
· Analyze the in rank globally, by duo and by calculate frame
· Included all kind of reports from the generally all-purpose to the generally point

Reports & Charts
· With our reports and charts you can think it over all the in rank in a graphical and structured way, exact to get on to comparisons.
· Check with charts the results of your systems and accounts
· Compare the evolution of all your uncommon systems
· Control the uncommon parameters of your accounts through the calculate

Trading Diary
· One of the generally valuable points in the trading is to gather from the experience. Sometimes we get on to the same mix twice since we don't remember our pasts mistakes, this is something with the intention of will not take place again with you Trading Diary
· Create your diary entries involuntarily from your trades
· Add your observations and view in this area your trading
· Add boundless images from your adviser platform or other sources and frequent them with your entries in the diary.
· Keep all the observations in this area your trades in the same place
· Review all the diary in rank as you need to increase from your mistakes and your accomplishment.

Powerful Filtering
· Sometimes you need to discover with the intention of in rank with the intention of helps you to know more in this area what's vacant on inside your trading. To help you on this task we offer lone of the generally powerful filtering systems in the promote
· Group the in rank by colunms screening the trades by colunm criteria
· Show or bury the uncommon colunms to adapt it to your needs
· Order the colunms by several criterias
· Define your ouw filterings with a powerful and straightforward script language

Exporting Capabilities
· When you be inflicted with finished the manipulation of your data now and again you need to move it to a further software or simply print it, FXCC gives you the tools to sort out it.
· Print your all your trades, charts and reports with single lone click
· Export to all kind of standard formats (XLS, PDF, DOC, and that...)
· Send the in rank by email to your collegues or customers
· Personalize the printing, exchange the size, add headers and footers, watermarks and much more
· Manipulate each aspect of the paper, spot, size, insignia, background...

Forex Control Center 2.0: Keep All The Important Info In The Same Place